Roof Restore & Roof-A-Cide©

Maintains it without damaging your roof or vegetation

Chlorine and pressure cleaning damages asphalt shingle roofs!

Roof-Restore and Roof-A-Cide© is the safest method available for shingle roof cleaning and keeping your roof looking like new. High powered pressure washers will loosen granules and chip away at shingles causing imperfections in your roof which will lead to water intrusion. Chlorine-based chemicals will also damage your asphalt shingle roof by drying out the shingle tabs and corroding the nails which hold your roof together causing a much bigger and expensive problem.

After the initial cleaning, a light spray of Roof-A-Cide© every few years will ensure that your roof looks brand new at all times and upholds its strength and integrity, GUARANTEED! If your roof is new, then let us apply Roof-A-Cide© on it before it gets dirty. Then you’ll never see a dirty roof and it will maintain the roof better.