Pressure Cleaning for Schools

Pressure Washing for Schools and Universities

Schools and Universities typically have multiple buildings, plenty of walkways and parking lots or parking garages. Many people use these buildings and walkways every day and they will begin to show their age from pollutants, dust, weather and students themselves.   It takes a lot of time and effort to keep up with the maintenance of school buildings, walkways and parking areas.

With Pressure Perfection on your side, the time and effort to clean these areas and buildings can be reduced significantly.

Soft Wash Pressure Cleaning for Universities

Pressure Perfection provides an alternative to using high pressure on delicate exterior surfaces. Our ‘Soft Wash’ process quickly and effectively removes bacteria, algae, dirt, even insects and spider webs. It not only cleans but disinfects and sanitizes as well. Our proprietary blend of cleaning agents are custom mixed for each application to provide the safest and most effective results. It is applied at low pressure and then gently rinsed away.

Less Invasive Pressure Washing for Schools

Our cleaning process is less invasive to business and commercial properties including schools and universities. Beautiful results are achieved much quicker than using high-pressure methods. The results last far longer as we eradicate the source of the problem with a 100% kill ratio on mold, mildew & bacteria. As far as the final product, our customers are generally unanimous in saying: “Amazing, it looks just like new.”

School Building Washing

A school is a business just like any other business and it has to stand out in all its features and not just the service it provides. If your school has a dirty exterior, students, teachers and staff will notice.

Professional School Roof Cleaning

Is your school or university roof discolored? How long has it been since you’ve had it cleaned professionally? Some people think that the discoloration is caused only by dust, but in reality, algae is probably already growing on your roof causing damage. Don’t wait for this to happen because it could involve a greater cost than just having it cleaned.

Concrete Cleaning

As mentioned, people don’t usually like dirty places. It gives them the idea that the business is not well managed, and that’s the last thing you want your students (who are your customers) to think. Imagine having to walk through a walkway or a parking garage that’s covered in oil and stains. It is just as important to maintain the exterior of your school or university as is the classrooms and hallways.

School Parking Lot Cleaning

Parking lots get a lot of traffic. People, especially students, frequently discard items from their cars like cigarette butts and gum. There is also the constant onslaught of oil and other liquids from the cars themselves. The parking lot is definitely a priority for pressure washing.

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