Pressure Cleaning for Storage Facilities

Power Washing for Storage Facilities

We know that storage facility owners and managers truly care about their storage facilities. Not only are they most interested in both attracting and retaining customers, they are also concerned about protecting the assets of those customers.

Storage facility owners are unique in this aspect of needing to protect the assets of their clients. This is something that needs to be considered when choosing the right pressure washing company for storage facilities. Each storage facility is unique in that there are different materials used for doors and each owner usually knows how best to protect the potentially valuable items in the storage units.

Pressure Perfection prides itself in listening to what our customers need and want and will make sure to follow your detailed instructions and work out solutions to any unique situations you may have concerning your storage facility.

Pressure Perfection Water Intrusion Prevention

Storage facilities offer space for people to store valuable items. When pressure washing storage facilities we have to make sure no water intrudes into the units. Water may damage furniture and other items people may store. That is why our Pressure Perfection technicians always use a soft wash approach. When pressure washing with the soft wash approach, water falls softly down instead of being forced into the units.

Storage Facility Stain Removal Specialists

As pressure washing professionals we know that some of the most common stains found in storage facilities involve rust, white stains from oxidation, mildew, tire marks, oil and other car liquid droppings, dust and dirt. We have unique cleaning agents and proprietary equipment to be able to remove these types of stains.

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