Pressure Washing for Government Facilities

The Importance of a Clean Public Building

Why is it important to keep a public building clean? It is important to keep all buildings clean, not just public buildings. However with public buildings that have a steady flow of visitors, it is especially important. Typically the people who are visiting public buildings have paid for these buildings and the maintenance of these buildings by way of paying taxes. People like to see that their taxes are being handled appropriately.

Pressure Washing creates a Positive first Impression

If left to the elements, a building’s exterior walls, windows and roof can accumulate dirt, grime, algae and mold. The outside of a building becomes a first impression and people make assumptions about the inside of a building based on what they see on the inside. Making sure your public buildings makes a good first impression involves regularly pressure washing the exterior, the windows and the roof. A well maintained public building is inviting and signals an organized and efficient workflow indoors.

Public Health and Safety

Substances that accumulate on buildings and sidewalks can become hazards. They can become slippery and increase the likelihood that someone will slip and fall. The last thing you want on your agenda is a lawsuit. Make sure visitors are kept safe by maintaining a clean building, walkways and roof with pressure washing.

Keep the Critters away with Pressure Washing

Animals and bugs are attracted to certain odors that can accumulate on a neglected building and roof. By keeping your building clean you can keep animals and pesky bugs away.

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