Pressure Washing for Parking Lots

Pressure Washing Company West Palm Beach

Your parking lot is as important as the rest of your business or shopping complex. If your parking lot is stained and covered in grime and dirt, you could give your potential customers a first bad impression. If you take pride in your business, that pride should extend all the way to the parking lot, sidewalk and walkways.

Power washing your parking lot has several benefits.

Power Washing can Protect the Surface of your Parking Lot

Harsh chemicals, engine oil, and even salt can get crushed into the surface of your parking lot’s asphalt surface and this can be damaging. Particularly oil. Over time, oil can soften asphalt and this can be very damaging. The soft asphalt can give rise to annoying and dangerous potholes.

Pressure Perfection uses a mixture of chemicals to gently remove surface stains and oil from your parking lot. Your parking lot will be cleaner and will protect you from chemical and oil damage. If properly cared for and cleaned on a regular basis, your parking lot should last up to 20 years.

People Trust a Clean Parking Lot

Your parking lot is an extension of your business.   With a clean parking lot, your customer’s potential trust can begin before they even step inside your building. Dirt, oil, weeds, gum and trash will affect how people feel about the business they are visiting especially if the parking lot is neglected.

Professional power washing services will remove all the surface stains and most oil on an asphalt parking lot, making the asphalt look newer and making it easier to see parking lines.

Power Washing Company West Palm Beach

Power washing is the most effective method to clean parking lots because it involves using high-pressure water and gentle environmentally protective chemicals. We have special commercial level power washing equipment that does an exceptional job on parking lots.

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