Roof Cleaning in West Palm Beach

Do these describe any or all of your painful roof cleaning experiences?

  1. Your HOA sent another pesky letter saying your roof is dirty from mold this year. Didn’t you just have it cleaned? You wonder: why is it always getting dirty so fast? Doesn’t repeated roof cleaning cause damage to your roof? Is there a way to keep my roof clean?
  2. You have to search for another roof cleaner year after year in a local magazine or google search which typically causes some damage to your roof or plants. Doesn’t it seem like an endless task?
  3. You hired a pressure cleaning company that is cheaper and won’t kill my plants with chemicals. But it seems that the roof kept getting dirty within 6-8 months. By the end of the year, it was needing to get cleaned again. Come to find out, they broke many roof tiles and loosened the mortar which seemed to cost more money for the roofer you hired to fix the damage.
  4. You hired a company that gave you a “2-year warranty” only to find out there was a * by the phrase. So 14 months later you get another pesky letter from your HOA that your roof is dirty again. You call the company back that’s either out of business or to find out the *warranty is actually prorated for 2 years. The company offers you a discounted price based on how dirty the roof appears. That’s not a warranty! Sounds like false advertising!
  5. You decided to hire a company who offers a “chemical wash” (i.e. soft wash, no pressure, “special” blended chemical, or so-called eco-friendly roof chemical). ALL of these methods, no matter what the company will tell you, have forms of chlorine (liquid or powder). Many of these companies will tell you lies that it’s eco-friendly and safe for your property but chlorine is not meant to be put in the ground or on roofs. There is nothing that will clean instantly except a chlorine-based chemical or a form of pressure cleaning.

What are the PROBLEMS with Traditional Roof Pressure Cleaning?

  • Traditional pressure cleaning doesn’t kill mold spores so they’ll continue to grow in the pores of the roof tiles or shingles. They will grow faster each year due to South Florida’s high heat, humidity and lack of direct sun especially on the North and West sections of your roof.
  • Traditional pressure cleaning companies never clean the front edges of the tiles great. The butts of the tile are the areas you’ll see the mildew grow faster too.
  • Traditional pressure cleaning companies use HIGH Pressure with low water volume. These companies are usually new companies that are not experienced and don’t understand the damage high pressure does to your roof. Palm Beach County doesn’t regulate our industry. So anyone who has a pressure washer can drive around and solicit work.
  • Traditional pressure cleaning companies use a small 18″ surface cleaner that puts lots of stress on the tiles with high pressure and easily cracks barrel tile roofs especially.
  • Most pressure cleaning companies do not have a proper license and/or insurance. It is required to have an occupational license, General Liability Insurance and Workman’s Compensation on all employees. It’s up to the homeowner to ask for a copy of their license, liability insurance, and Workman’s Compensation papers. If a worker gets hurt on your home, it’s important to understand, you can be held liable.

What are PROBLEMS with Chlorine based Roof Cleaning?

  • Chlorine companies use high dosages of chlorine to kill the mold. Most companies will tell you they use 10% chlorine. Well, pool chlorine is only 10% which means they are spraying straight chlorine on your roof. They are not mixing 90% water in the mixture. If they did, it wouldn’t clean the roof immediately. This high dosage of chlorine smells very bad. It’s harmful to you, your kids, pets and the environment. Beware if you have lung related issues as well.
  • Chlorine Kills plants and the grass around your property and possibly your neighbors’ properties. Even if the company covers your plants, the chlorine residue remains on the roof for approximately two weeks. If it rains within the two weeks, the chlorine will run off and typically this is when homeowners see the damage to their plants
  • Chlorine causes roof damage to asphalt shingles making them brittle. It will void your warranty and shorten the lifespan of your roof.
  • Chlorine also causes damage to barrel tile, s-tile, and flat roof tiles. When the chlorine is sprayed, the excess will get under the tiles and dry up the tarpaper protecting your roof from leaks. Chlorine will rust the nails, drip cap, and metal stacks on your roof. The number 1 cause of premature roof damage is due to chlorine-based products. Many roofers such as Altec Roofing, Graboski, AcePro, Paul Bange, Dobson, and many others, who recommend our method, will tell you that it’s the worst thing to use.

Most homeowners typically hire a company based on price and end up dissatisfied with the results: broken tiles, dead plants, and unforeseen roof damage. The old saying “you get what you pay for” also applies to roof cleaning. Not all pressure cleaning is the same. You’ll either pay by maintaining your roof properly or pay by premature roof leaks or replacing plants.

The number of customers who experience these hidden costs is the majority in Palm Beach County. We’ve been in business since 1997 and have heard tons of stories of the damage done by improper roof cleaning.

What is the Pressure Perfection Difference?

  1. We clean roofs with High Water Volume and LOW Pressure. There is NO Chlorine or Bleach and NO High pressure. High water volume doesn’t etch or break tiles but it’s a faster clean than typical pressure cleaners.
  2. We clean your roof with our specially designed 36″ surface cleaner. Instead of dispersing all the pressure thru 2 pressure cleaning tips (small surface cleaners) we disperse the high water volume thru 10 pressure cleaning tips which lowers the pressure applied to your roof to 350psi per tip. The water volume is what cleans not the pressure. We clean flat and barrel surfaces well but we also clean the front edge thoroughly. Many pressure washing companies never clean the front edge thoroughly. It’s sometimes noticeable after it’s cleaned but it’s usually the first dirty area noticed months later.
  3. After the roof is cleaned, our experienced technician will carefully pull our hoses around the house and clean all the walls, windows and ground areas from the roof dirt. We’ll also freshen up the house from cobwebs and light mildew on the walls as well free of charge.
  4. After the roof is dry, one of the owners of Pressure Perfection, Mike or Cory, will apply Roof-A-Cide on your roof to kill the mildew that is deep in the pores of the tile or asphalt shingle. Roof-A-Cide is EPA approved and non-toxic. It will not damage the roof tiles, tarpaper, metal flashing, metal ventilation, nails or kill plants. It not only kills the mildew but it stays on the roof and continues to kill any new mildew each time it rains. It’s backed by a 2-year unconditional guarantee from Pressure Perfection and Roof-A-Cide. If there is an issue, please call our office and we will fix it asap.
  5. After the 2-year guarantee is complete, Pressure Perfection will notify you of your options. The best option is to allow us to come and treat your roof with Roof-A-Cide for about half the price of the initial roof cleaning and treatment. There is no need to clean your roof, just apply Roof-A-Cide to kill any mildew and receive another 2-year unconditional guarantee. The other option is to wait a few months until your roof is dirty, get an HOA letter, and then we’ll have to clean and treat your roof for possibly more than the first time. Most customers choose the first option because they are very pleased with the results and realize we stand behind our promises.
  6. We are licensed in Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin Counties.
  7. We have full Comp and Collision insurance on our trucks.
  8. We have general liability insurance which protects your property from any unforeseen damage and accidents to you or your property.
  9. We also carry full Workman’s Compensation coverage for each employee. Every technician is an owner or employee. No one is given a 1099 and we do not hire temp labor or subcontractors. If a company is WC exempt or does not carry coverage for each employee, if they get hurt on your roof or property, you the homeowner will be liable. Typically companies with cheaper prices do not have proper coverage and are making their employees and the homeowners a liability risk that no one wants to experience. Make sure you ask for a copy prior to doing any work on your property from any company and ask to be put on as a “certificate holder” with your name and address on the certificate. If they can’t provide an updated certified with your name on it, then they don’t have the insurance policy. It doesn’t cost any money to request it from an agent.

I hope this information is helpful in making a decision for roof cleaning. I am looking forward to doing business with you, and as always your complete satisfaction is my number one priority.

Experience the Pressure Perfection Difference!