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Serving Palm Beach, St Lucie, Martin, and Broward Counties!

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Is your roof continuously the target of disapproving HOA letters regarding its dirty appearance? Are you perplexed by the rapidity with which it accumulates grime even after cleaning? You may have considered whether repeated cleaning is wreaking havoc on the longevity and health of your roof. 

The exhausting search for a dependable roof cleaner in local magazines or Google, only to be met with subpar services that cause further damage to your roof or precious greenery, can seem like a never-ending cycle. At Pressure Perfection, we acknowledge your concerns and aim to rectify them.

Problems with Traditional Roof Cleaning Methods

Traditional high-pressure roof cleaning services might seem like a quick and straightforward solution, but they carry a myriad of issues. These methods often fail to kill mold spores embedded in the roof material, leading to their rapid regrowth facilitated by South Florida’s warm, humid climate. Not only this, but high-pressure techniques frequently neglect the front edges of tiles, resulting in a speedy recurrence of mildew.

Moreover, the high pressure exerted can lead to potential damage to your roof tiles and compromise the overall integrity of your roof. The usage of unregulated high-pressure cleaning, especially by inexperienced companies, can have detrimental consequences on the lifespan and condition of your roof.

On the other hand, many homeowners resort to chlorine-based roof cleaning services, unaware of the potential hazards they present. The high concentrations of chlorine these services use can adversely affect the environment, potentially posing risks to the health of your family, pets, and local flora and fauna. More worryingly, the residue from the chlorine can lead to the death of plants and grass, can dry out the tarpaper protecting your roof, and can corrode metal parts on your roof, significantly reducing its lifespan.

Choosing Pressure Perfection: A Superior Solution

Pressure Perfection brings forth an innovative, eco-friendly solution to alleviate all your roof cleaning concerns. Our High Water Volume, Low Pressure (HWLP) cleaning technique significantly reduces the risk of inflicting any damage to your roof tiles or surfaces. Our unique 36″ surface cleaner evenly disperses the water pressure across ten tips, minimizing the pressure impact on your roof while maximizing the cleaning efficiency. This specially designed method ensures a thorough clean without the wear and tear typically associated with high-pressure cleaning.

After we finish cleaning the roof, our dedicated technicians will meticulously move around your property, ensuring all walls, windows, and ground areas are free from roof dirt. We consider our job incomplete until we leave your house spotless. As an added benefit, we offer a complimentary cleanup of cobwebs and light mildew that might be gracing your house walls.

Unmatched Expertise

With over 30 years' experience, Pressure Perfection delivers unrivaled roof cleaning services with utmost precision and care.

Innovative Technology

Our patented HWLP technology ensures thorough, safe cleaning without damaging your roof or landscaping.

Eco-friendly Approach

We abstain from harmful chlorine or high-pressure methods, advocating for an environmentally responsible cleaning regimen.

Roof-A-Cide: A Defense Against Mold

After your roof dries, either John or Tatiana, our owners, apply the non-toxic & EPA approved Roof-A-Cide to combat mildew embedded in your tiles or shingles. This EPA-approved product is backed by a 2-year unconditional guarantee from Pressure Perfection and Roof-A-Cide.

Customer Satisfaction: Our Prime Concern

Our dedication at Pressure Perfection extends beyond excellent roof cleaning. We hold necessary licenses and comprehensive insurance, with all our technicians covered by full Workman’s Compensation. This assures our consistent high-quality service standards.

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